About Willow Works Studio

Hollye Rebecca Florio, Artist/Owner 

Hi and welcome to Willow Works Studio. Here you will find an art piece or two. 
Everything you see is designed in my little studio. All clay pieces and figurines are hand sculpted with clay, painted and varnished.  No two pieces are ever exactly alike and have their own little sweet spirit. 

I really like things that make me smile or laugh. I also like things that remind me of places that are a bit softer, easier, and not quite so serious. So much of my work is geared to the child at heart and to that inner sense of wonder. Most pieces erupt as little characters from some whimsical place in my imagination and usually have some sort of tale to tell. I imagine them as little friends, or guardians that are real as you will let them be. 

Thank you so very for coming by and I hope maybe something here made you smile! 🖤