Autumn Spirit Bat 4x4 Story Box
Autumn Spirit Bat 4x4 Story Box

Autumn Spirit Bat 4x4 Story Box

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The Autumn Spirits are sweet little Beings that help up see beyond the veil. They help us look beyond and trust in the unseen that might trying to help us. These benevolent creatures are very good at helping us to let go of those things that hold us back. They remind us to release like the autumn leaves and listen to the cool winds who sometimes have important things to tell us.

This pieces measures 5x4 inches. Elements are sculpted from premier clay, hand painted and varnished. It is incased in a hand painted wooden box .

While I highly encourage children to be exposed to and enjoy my work, please note that this is not a toy. It is meant to be enjoyed with the eyes. This piece is not waterproof, is fragile and needs to be handled with care

All pieces come lovingly wrapped ready to gift or keep. Thank you so much for take
Omg a peep at my little creations! 💕☁️💫