Willow Wisp 2x3 Story Box
Willow Wisp 2x3 Story Box

Willow Wisp 2x3 Story Box

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These little beings are born from the magical Willow tree. They are know to spread good luck and joy. They promote magic and sprinkle fairy knowledge to those who find them.  They are very fond of sugar cubes and are known for their impossibly high stacks of pebbles. 

This little Wisp is approximately 4x3 inches .It is hand sculpted with premier clay, hand painted and sealed with a non toxic varnish. This is not water proof so please do keep your little friends dry. This is fragile and does need to be handled with care. It is not meant to be a toy that is handled often. 😊💕

All items come in a gift box ready to give or keep. They also come with a signed card telling their story. 😊

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