Meep Meep 6x3 inch Story Sculpture
Meep Meep 6x3 inch Story Sculpture

Meep Meep 6x3 inch Story Sculpture

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“The Meep Meeps” 🐰. These little creatures are full of mischief. Their favorite game is, “how to best frustrate a human.” 😆. They are super fast and love to take something you’ve just laid down and hide it. They snicker silently as you go into a fit knowing you just set down your glasses RIGHT THERE! 😂. They will eventually put them back in a random place and laugh again at how perplexed you are. If you’d like to get on the Meeps Meeps good side, leave out vegetable dumplings or some super soft bean buns. They are are mad for both. This will alleviate SOME of the mischief! 😆. Side note: if you have a flutter bun in your house they help to keep your Meeps Meeps in line too! 😆.

This little bunny is made with Premier clay, hand painted and varnished. It measures approximately 3 inches. Please note that these pieces are fragile, and need to handled with care. They are not meant to be toys but enjoyed with the eyes! 😊

This little piece comes with a signed description card and is ready to gift or keep! Thank you so much for stopping by.